The paintings in the Forces of Destiny series are 'on the ground' reportage of my life as a would-be ( or will-be?) time traveler.

As a serious time traveler, you have to think about the past and the possibilities of rewriting history. Having the opportunity, how could you not be tempted to steer fate; even knowing that you are bound to create disasters trying to unweave the threads of destiny.

Attempting to maintain your mental wellbeing while time travelling would be a great challenge. There are the foreseen consequences: disorientation, erosion of a self, the constant prospect of catastrophic temporal disruption. There would be unseen worries too; cultural differences, life without artificial light, sugar withdrawal, low hygienic standards and the loneliness of dealing with people who would have a vexingly different frame of reference.

Assuming you wished to 'do some good' visiting the past, there would be the stress of achieving this amidst the massive temptation to instead use your foreknowledge to satisfy selfish whims--in short, you are destine to create mayhem.